Lord’s Light is a distributor of LED lighting products with a cross filament inside. Our vision is to help the world see the true light, the Lord’s Light, in the hope that sharing His message will bring many people into His Kingdom. Churches and schools can sell our products in fundraising efforts, using the proceeds to support their mission work and capital needs.


Our journey began with a man named Jack Goeken. He was a simple son of a minister. Despite having had no education, Goeken went on to build major companies such as MCI, FTD, AirFone, In-Flight Phone and more. With so little knowledge and resources, Goeken was able to create so much by leaning heavily on the Lord’s guidance.

Goeken started the Goeken Group in 1995. Goeken Group owned three subsidiary companies: Global Med Net, Personal Guardian and Polybrite, Intl. Polybrite licensed an amazing technology from a brilliant entrepreneur, Carl Scianna. Scianna became the CEO of Polybrite and developed innovative LED lighting that is proving to change the world.

Goeken returned to his Lord on September 16, 2010, at 80 years of age. In memory of Goeken and his vision, his loving family is continuing his legacy. They will complete the work he began in an effort to spread the Lord’s Light near and far, both literally and figuratively through this very special, cross inspired light


Founded in 1995, PolyBrite developed a complete collection of LED replacement lamps, with superior light quality through advanced polymer technology.

PolyBrite’s patented technology, Borealis Lighting creates smooth, consistent light dispersion and distribution. Through advanced electronics, PolyBrite’s Borealis lamps achieve superior heat management ensuring long life and superior performance.

Borealis LED lamps match the brightness of conventional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent bulbs, but without any of the hazardous materials such as mercury. The extreme long-life of the LED lighting products, with long-term light consistency of more than 50,000 hours, results in significantly reduced maintenance costs.

All Borealis lamps are designed to fit into standard fixtures, which simplify the change to LED lighting for energy savings, long life, reduced maintenance and durability.